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Welcome To Your New Support Network

The new Stack Houses initiative is connecting you with your very own peer group to see you through the highs and the lows

By Hannah Connolly

25 May 2022

e heard from our members how difficult it is to make friendships in adulthood. Whether you are embarking on your personal journey, are looking to get to know yourself better or are on the path to acheieving your mission, we want to make sure you don't have to do it alone.

Many have you told us that one of the reasons you joined The Stack World was to meet like-minded women. Our new initiative The Stack Houses facilitates this connection more formally. But you must have questions, right? Here is our guide to all things Stack Houses...

"I have been part of a decentralised peer group every month for three years. I invest the time and the attention because the rewards are invaluable. I look forward to supporting Stack member network find their monthly peer group." - Sharmadean Reid

So what is a Stack House? Consider this your exclusive new decentralised peer group. From the thousands of members in the network, we have randomised you into blocks of nine aimed to support and listen to you on your journey.

Why random? Well, life is random. In your Stack House, you will be meeting people from a variety of backgrounds, ages and industries. The diversity of the network is what makes it so beautiful.

How does it work? Each month at a set date and time the group will convene in person or on zoom to walk through the House Protocol. This is a set presentation that anyone in the group can lead to reflect on the highs and lows of the month and share any challenges or wins. We will provide the presentation for you but naturally the house can adapt it over time to what suits the house best.

What is House Protocol? This is a document that anyone in the group can lead, the aim is to reflect on the highs and the lows of the month, and share any challenges and wins. It’s all about the full picture. We will provide you with the starter pack, but naturally, your House may well develop or adapt this over time to suit your collective needs.

How can I join? The Stack Houses are service available for Premium Members only. If you are an existing Premium Member you will have already been automatically assigned to a House eg The Stack House 261. Houses will be rolling out throughout summer. If you want to skip the queue and activate your house today please email 📧 bella@thestack.world

Who sets the date and time? The first person to activate the house will set the date and time eg second Monday of month at 7-9pm GMT. We will then create recurring events for this date and time for one year. If your assigned house date and time does not work for you don’t worry! Email bella@thestack.world and we will switch you to another house.

Will I receive training? Yes! Throughout summer we will provide an intense half day training to anyone who wants to learn the skills to be a moderator. You will learn conflict resolution timekeeping and general House Protocol

When does it start? The first houses kickoff at the end of June. Attend this launch event to hear more from me the Founder of The Stack, Sharmadean Reid. This event will be streamed on Instagram live.

Why do peer groups work? Imagine having a group of women that you can check in with every month on your progress. Maybe one month you are smashing it and want to celebrate. Another month you are burned out and don’t know where to turn. Your long time friends and your family may not always the best people to give your load to. The Stack Houses are designed to become a support network, gratitude zone and most importantly to know that you are not alone.

I’m a new Member, how do I join? Email bella@thestack.world and she will assign you to a house!

The Short Stack

The new Stack Houses initiative is connecting you with your very own peer group to see you through the highs and the lows.

By Hannah Connolly

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