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"After over 10 years of organising women's communities and events across beauty, business and self development, I am excited to bring it all together under The Stack - The new destination for inspiration, education and recommendations."
- Sharmadean Reid, CEO

Our Story

Beautystack was founded as a new way to book services – social, shareable, and able to economically empower independent beauty and wellness professionals. Over the last year our community has evolved, into a network of information covering everything from the best confidence coaching, to negotiating a commercial lease, and we realised that we needed to go beyond beauty. The Stack is the next iteration of our entrepreneurial community of innovators and change makers, and we aim to serve your whole self. With five pillars - BEAUTY / WELLNESS / BUSINESS / CULTURE / SOCIETY, The Stack is about achieving higher ground and higher purpose. We are creating spaces for intelligent, ambitious women who see themselves as infinite learners with insatiable curiosities. Connecting you to a network of like-minded women, The Stack aims to spark your curiosity and start a fire, merging culture and current affairs with business and social impact. The Stack.World is blazing a trail for a member experience like nothing else, stay tuned to see what we come up with next!

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Membership to The Stack means exclusive access to virtual event programming as well as a members-only content. Hosted on Zoom, these events are curated by The Stack team especially for the driven, curious, creative women who make up our members and span business, culture, society, beauty and wellness.

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