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The Stack World DAO

Decentralised autonomous organisations are communities run entirely by its token holders, on the blockchain. Here's how you can get involved.

By Sharmadean Reid

24 June 2022

ear Members,

We are building a small Impact DAO with the goal of identifying, challenging and rebuilding systems that prevent women achieving financial equity. Our first mission? Curate 16 Round Table discussions at The Stack World Conference.

What is a DAO? A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organisation. A community with collective ownership underpinned by blockchain technology. Think a group chat with a shared bank account or a web3 version of a traditional co-op. Members might pool their resources to buy a piece or a land, an album or even The Constitution. A DAO usually has a specific mission and purpose and everyone participates to make it happen.

How will The Stack DAO work? 500 of our Members are in various web3 related clubs in our community and we want to take it slow to ensure everyone is onboarded safely. The Stack DAO will first be open to existing Premium Members. We know this is very Web 2.0 but we wanna test how this transition goes.

Our Roadmap

1 June - Premium Members can apply to be DAO Contributor here.

2 July - Successful applicants will be airdropped our Citizen NFT and invited to a Private Club on The Stack World App

3 August - Teams form to meet weekly over the summer and submit proposals for discussion topics for the round tables.

4 September 1st 2022 - NFT Holders vote on all the proposals. The 16 Round Table topics are finalised.

5 September - Each Round Table is given a budget from the treasury to pay for speakers, photography, writers and videographers.

6 October 6th 2022 - Conference Day! Houses manage their Rooms, attendees and topics. Conversations last 1-3 Hours.

7 November 1st 2022 Round Tables submit materials - videos, photography, whitepapers, essays and articles for publication.

8 December 2022 - Publication launch.

For more info, check out the deck

The Short Stack

The Stack World DAO is launching this summer to curate our annual conference.

By Sharmadean Reid

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