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What’s Your Mission? The Stack Conference Panelists Answer

We hear from the founders of Peanut App, The Nue Co, Black Minds Matter, CogX, Black Geographers, Happy Not Perfect and #AskHerToStand, as well as many more ahead of Friday’s conference

By Isobel Van Dyke

20 October 2021

his Friday, The Stack takes over Oakley Court - the riverside Victorian mansion where we will be hosting our first ever conference. Our members will be flocking by the hundreds to take part in a wealth of panels and roundtables, hosted by industry leaders across a range of topics - from childcare to investing, arts and politics.

Ahead of the conference, we spoke to some of our incredible panelists, each of them answering the question: what is your mission and how do you plan on achieving it?

They may come from a mixture of industries and backgrounds, yet every one of them is dedicated to their mission and working everyday to achieve it. From authors and magazine editors, to founders and politicians, discover more about our line-up of panelists and what each of their individual goals are...

Olivia Simpson

Rebekah Clark - Founder of Happy Marlo

“My mission is to change childhoods for the better, by empowering children and those who care for them. As the founder of Happy Marlo, I am focused on supporting children’s emotional wellbeing today, to shape happier, resilient adults tomorrow.

This professional mission is personal. Born to a white British teen mother, and a Black Jamaican father who I never knew, I was taken into emergency foster care aged ten months. At three, I was adopted by a white working-class family who loved me very much but could not provide the support that I needed as a young transracial adoptee. As a result, my early years left me with much pain and unresolved trauma.

Since becoming a mother three years ago, I am committed to giving children the agency over their emotional health that I never had. How our children develop impacts the adults they become. I believe that mainstream adoption of science-backed holistic tools and techniques can change narratives and lived experiences for children and their families. Childhood transcends socioeconomics and ethnicity. Our society depends on us better supporting children, so we can all look forward to a brighter, healthier future together.”

Olivia Simpson - Founder of Jamcan Juice

“My mission is to challenge the idea that academic accolades alone amount to intelligence and amplify the voices of unsung heroes with life experience. I plan to do this with my new podcast project with fellow Stack World member, Emma.”

Alice Finch - Programme Manager, Business Growth Programme at London & Partners

“I am both curious and passionate about the issues which arise at the intersection of technology and society, and committed to bringing an interdisciplinary and intersectional lens to understanding them.”

Vicky Spratt - Journalist, Documentary Maker and Housing Rights Campaigner

“It's the job of a journalist to tell stories and, in doing so, hold those in power to account. Reporting on the housing crisis and social inequality more broadly over the last decade has meant that I've seen the power imbalances in Britain - which centre around wealth, race, gender, sexuality, education and location - up close. I hope that in the coming years people continue to trust me with their stories because it's by holding a mirror up to our society that we can see what needs to change.”

Agnes Mwakatuma - Founder of Black Minds Matter

“My mission is to make mental health services relevant and accessible for all Black people in the U.K. I plan on achieving that by fundraising for fully funded sessions conducted by certified Black therapists in the U.K. through Black Minds Matter.”

Tabitha Goldstaub

Tabitha Goldstaub - Co-Founder of CogX and Chair of UK Government’s AI Council

“I'm on a mission to ensure AI technology works for women and they don't end up working for it!”

Jules Miller - Founder of The Nue Co.

“I think my mission has always been to change the way we think about health. The W.H.O defines health as a complete state of physical, mental, social and environmental wellbeing- and not merely the absence of disease, so why is healthcare so centered around disease and symptom control?

Supplementation is part of my DNA, whether it’s the herbs my Colombian mother used to reduce my fevers as a child, or the supplements my grandfather (who was a chemist) used in lieu of pharmaceuticals drugs. I’ve always known supplements have a role to play in our modern health and wellbeing.

The goal with The Nue Co. was to create a range of supplements that made a real difference to the way people feel, but beyond that - it's a company that challenges our impact not solely on our customer’s health, but the health of the planet and the communities responsible for growing our ingredients. We believe health is an ecosystem, and that all elements of health are interconnected. Every Nue Co product takes into account people’s physical, mental, social and environmental wellbeing - it’s the only way we believe any health brand can really deliver against their mission.

Dawn Duhaney - Product Manager at The Wellcome Trust

“My personal mission is to empower individual freedom and authenticity. I believe in giving people the time, space and tools to pursue their interest and play to their strengths.”

Emily Steer - Editor of Elephant Magazine

“I am a huge advocate for accessibility in art, and have always worked for publications that write in a straightforward way that is engaging for those outside the art world. I believe art should be available to everyone and aim to break down the boundaries of language and exclusivity that make many feel like they cannot have a connection with art. Elephant magazine has long championed emerging and established artists alike, with a strong focus on those who are typically underrepresented in mainstream culture.”

Dolly Theis - Co-founder of #AskHerToStand

“My mission is that every woman feels and believes they could become an MP or any other elected political leader if they wish. That they have the confidence, support, opportunity and knowledge to pursue a career in politics. That they realise their own life experience, whatever it is and however far away from politics it may feel, is more than enough as a foundation to become a candidate and get elected. I plan on achieving this by asking incredible women to stand for election, providing them with the basic information about politics and what standing for election involves, to guide them towards the organisations and people that can support them to do it and to personally support as many as I possibly can.”

Francisca Rockey

Francisca Rockey - Founder of Black Geographers

“This is something that I had to think long and hard about. In my head, I have multiple missions. I want to make geography more diverse from future cohorts to geographical knowledge to geographical literature. I’m also on a mission to get young people from marginalised groups to be more present in social environmental and political movements, particularly black women, the black women who were told they were too opinionated or talked too much in school, the quiet black women who are yet to find their voice, the black women who have a voice but are routinely ignore and lastly, for future change to centre community and young people. I was trying to think of a way that I could put this into one and ultimately, my mission is to create just societies, societies which are built on collectivism and not individualism, where we share resources, support each other and build each other. Sounds very utopian but I’m inspired by older generations, particularly the Windrush generation who built communities across the UK with these same ideals and I feel we are losing that sense of community. How I will achieve this is unclear, I don’t have a set plan but I know if I continue doing work within the communities I want to uplift, young people, older generations, black women and other marginalised groups then I know I will find my plan and achieve it through collective action.”

Michelle Kennedy - Founder and CEO of Peanut

“Peanut is the leading social network for women to connect across life stages--from fertility and pregnancy to motherhood and menopause. Absence of community during these seismic life changes means that these topics have a social taboo leading to isolation, loneliness and depression. Our mission is to be the safest place online for all generations of women--daughters, mothers, grandmothers and beyond. Our core value is safety. By prioritising our community's safety, we've established a level of trust meaning that women come to Peanut to share their most honest and vulnerable moments, as well as finding meaningful connections”

Grace Williams - Artist and Lecturer

“My mission is to support artists to realise projects and ideas which positively impact the wider community. I do this by seeking opportunities for funding and investment, and commissioning and match-making artists and community groups who can collaborate and create together. I've been working within a large public sector organisation for the past few years but about to take the leap into freelancing so I can be more agile and ambitious!”

Bianca Rangecroft - Founder & CEO at Whering

“My personal mission is to bring an end to the 'buy, use, dispose' model and empower women around the world to think intentionally about what they really need. I'm a firm believer that knowledge, technology and community are the most important tools to achieve a more conscious mindset and that's what I focus all my work on across SDG 12.”

Winnie Akadjo - Founder of Sassy Single Mums

“My mission is to support women who have experienced childhood trauma, particularly those who are mothers. I plan on achieving this by growing the Sassy Single Mothers community to 2,000+ members and then offering different products and services related to psychological self-development.”

The Short Stack

We ask industry leaders what their mission is and how they plan on achieving it.

By Isobel Van Dyke

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