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Page Turners - What The Stack Team Is Reading Ahead Of Our September Events

The Stack is reading up ahead of a month of events designed to help you flourish - find out what's on our reading list to help you maximise your membership

By Hannah Connolly

2 September 2021

s the summer that never really happened draws to a close, The Stack World welcomes in a new month filled with empowering events designed to help you flourish. From practical advice on how to buy your first home to making your work-life work for you, we are helping you recharge and reset for your most productive month yet. So, if like us, you didn’t quite get in the warm weather reads you had planned, here's some enriching page turners that will help you get the most out of our upcoming events.

The Stack Reads - The Double X Economy

When: Every Wednesday at 1:15pm

Running weekly on Wednesdays at 1:15pm, Sharmadean Reid alongside Executive Director of UN Women UK, Claire Barnett gathers together with the Stack community to discuss a chapter of the best selling book, The Double X Economy: The Epic Potential of Empowering Women by Professor Linda Scott.

Ahead of the weekly sessions, The Stack recommends you get your hands on a copy of this life changing book which is set to broaden your horizons and get you ready to take on a new month.

Here's what we are reading:

Short Read:

Check out The Double X Economy author's personal blog for a quick read to find out all of the things the best seller has on her mind. Find it here.

Long Read:

“Building on the momentum of the female empowerment movements currently mobilizing worldwide, The Double X Economy presents an entirely new conceptual schema for women’s rights based on economic liberty. Accessible and convincing, Scott’s groundbreaking study is an assessment of women’s historic subjugation, a demonstration of how that subjugation has resulted in myriad intractable problems, and a call to action to once and for all place women on an equal footing with men in order to create a better world.” From author Linda Scott's site. Get your copy of The Double X Economy here.

Ask An Investor - Pippa Lamb

When: Thursday 2nd September at 3pm

Are you preparing for a big fundraise, struggling with your business model or simply wondering what your next step may be? The Stack World offers you advice from someone who has, quite literally, been there and done that.

In our new series Pippa Lamb, who is a partner at Sweet Capital and prolific Angel investor, will answer three Stack members' queries - whether it is to get her opinion on your pitch deck or tips for growing your business Pippa Lamb is all ears. You can also tune in to pick up some tips or learn about all of the amazing things our community is working on.

Here's what we are reading:

Short Read:

If you fancy pitching your ideas next time - check out The Stack's article on pitching pitfalls and how to avoid them here. Or learn a little more about speaker Pippa Lamb from her morning routine here, or her thoughts on investing here.

Long Read:

To get your source of enriching reads on all things investment and business we recommend Platform Revolution this book by Geoffrey G. Parker explores the presence of the platform business model, acting as a “owner's manual” for developing your business inline with the world we live in - check it out here.

Or try How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen. This book sets out to identify common habits that put obstacles in the way to success and help you to overcome them. In the process aiming to point you to a career that will “satisfy your ambitions and help you make the difference you want to make in the world” get your copy here.

First-Time Buyers’ Masterclass - London Mortgage Partners

When: Wednesday 8th September at 6pm

The first in a new series, mortgage advisor Sophie Schembri and independent mortgage partner Leah Ryder from London Mortgage Partners will be answering all things first time buying. From where to start, to how much you need for a deposit, this duo will be breaking it all down for you.

In the first session Sophie and Leah will be covering the ins-and-outs of applying for mortgages as a solo buyer versus with a partner.

Here's what we are reading:

Short Read:

Catch up on The Stack's five-part Property Diaries series where we have spotlighted how members of our community have bought their first home including buying on your own - read it here.

Long Read:

To get to grips with the property market How to Get on the Property Ladder - A First Time Buyer's Guide, by Ned Brownes helps to break things down and can help you identify the areas you want some real life advice in. This book is written for 2021 so is filled with the latest information you will need - get yours here.

For a broader read from the perspective of empowering women we recommended Power Property Investing for Women by awarding developer and mentor Bindar Dosanjh breaking down how to get on the ladder, how to generate income from property and how to activate economic power for yourself through property as well as much more - check it out here.

How To Thrive As a Creative - SocialFIXT and Mercedes Benson

When: Thursday 9th September at 6:30pm

Despite the fact that the creative industries generate huge wealth, most people working in these fields (apart from the top tier executives of course) are underpaid, underappreciated and overworked - so how can we overcome the complex social, cultural and political obstacles in order to thrive professionally, emotionally and financially?

Join The Stack for a workshop with founder of SoicalFIXT Mercedes Benson to delve into the workplace challenges and how to overcome them to achieve your potential and establish healthy boundaries.

Here's what we are reading:

Short Read:

Catch up on The Stack's top tips on how to get over imposter syndrome and how to get the credit you deserve - read it here.

Long Read:

For a broad perspective on the creative industries, The Stack recommends Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins. This bestseller aims to dispel the myth that being creative is a hindrance to success and sets out to establish that starving artists is a fable that needs to be debunked. Drawing lessons from the likes of Dr Dre, C.S Lewis and Steve Jobs to reveal the empowering truth “Artists don’t Starve. They THRIVE.” Get a copy here.

To get the low-down on unlocking your creative potential we encourage you to read the New York Times bestseller The Creative Habit - Learn And Use It For Life by Twayla Tharp. From how to create the sales pitch that will increase orders to getting that dream job and locking in your well earned bonus, Tharp encourages creative thinking and how to make it work for you. Filled with pragmatic, inspiring and encouraging guides to help you to fulfill your creative potential in mindful ways. Find it here.

To be involved in the events we have coming up this September download the Stack World App to create your new power network and unlock your potential now. Keep your eyes peeled for more Page Turners as we approach September by arming you with the tools you need to make waves and achieve your goals.

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By Hannah Connolly

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