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By Sasha Mills

13 August 2021

he Daily Stack is our brand new newsletter, brought to you by the team at The Stack World. We bring you the stories you need to know, the spots that everyone’s talking about, and exclusive discounts – straight to your inbox at 6am every morning.

Sharmadean Reid, CEO and Founder at The Stack World says: “I started The Daily Stack because I felt that I had to comb through so many different news sources to serve my whole self.

“The Daily Stack reminds me to keep to my mission. It reminds me women are fighting for and pushing forward progress everywhere.” - Claire Ruddock, member of The Stack World and Marketing Consultant

“I want to know where I can read the latest cool books by women writers, but also access the latest business articles and interviews on global inequality.”

The Daily Stack is our answer to that.

So what can you expect from your daily newsletter? Read on for a sneak peek inside…

NEWS: Our curation of the most important stories today

Stories collected from across the globe in business, society, inequality, climate, and more. We curate high-quality news and insights from a range of outlets to give you an informed start to the day ahead.

THE HIGH STACK: Our Culture Picks to indulge your body and mind

Every day we bring you what we’re loving from The Stack HQ. Here’s what we’re into right now.


We're loving Too Bold, the debut solo album from legendary Noisettes front woman and bassist Shingai, recommended to us by Agnes Mwakatuma. _SM


'9to5: The Story of A Movement' is a fascinating documentary that revolves around an organisation established to improve working conditions and ensure the rights of women and families. _EG


Are unions still relevant in 2021? Eve Livingston argues in favour of inclusive organising in her new book, Make Bosses Pay. Pre-order it now. _SM


Renowned British artist and caricaturist, Gerald Scarfe, gave his name, artwork and personal style to the elegant Scarfe's Bar _ELB


This farmhouse-style Devon cottage has us daydreaming about strolls to the sea and cozy evenings on the sofa. _FR


This summer, Somerset House presents No Comply, a free exhibition exploring the phenomena of skateboarding and the impact of its culture and communities on the UK over the past 45 years. _EG

SOLUTIONS: Strategies to level up

Three days a week, we share with you an exclusive video from our archive, usually available for members of The Stack World only. Level up with content across business, wellness, and self-development.

Executive realness with Sharmadean & Seun Awolowo, VP Goldman Sachs

Join Sharmadean Reid for some executive realness meets ladies who lunch. Every week, Sharmadean will be chatting to an inspirational woman in business who's at the top of their game, finding out just what it takes to dominate her field. This week, Sharmadean meets Seun Awolowo, VP of Asset Management for Launch with GS – a $500 million investment fund available to Women, Black, Latinx (in the US) and other diverse entrepreneurs and investors. Seun is also the Founder of Teach a Girl Nigeria- A Lagos based charity that sponsors and mentors girls from low-income backgrounds through school.


Only for subscribers of The Daily Stack, we share exclusive discounts and perks. Thinking about getting your nails done, or buying a new piece of jewellery to celebrate a special occasion? We have a discount for you.


Just made your next big business move, signed a new client, or been given a raise? Members of The Stack World can share their wins with us and be featured in the newsletter.

“It's full of great suggestions, whether that's a film to watch, a book to read or a Stack event that's coming up. I read it every day and have always found something that I bookmarked for later.” - Vanessa Nunes, member of The Stack World and Founder of We Are Forum

That’s just a selection of some of the things we bring to you with The Daily Stack. Still not sold? Have a look at two of our previous issues below:

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By Sasha Mills

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