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How To Vote On The Stack Conference Proposals Using Your NFT Citizen Card

We are handing the power over to our Members who can now vote on the proposals for The Stack World Conference 2022!

By Bella Cary

5 September 2022

he Stack World Members can now vote for the Conference Proposals by voting in Snapshot using their NFT until Sunday 11th September.

You will need a Stack Citizen Card NFT to vote. Check out our latest article on 'How to Claim your NFT' here.

Go to Stack World Space here

35 proposals are live right now. You can go through and vote as YES or MAYBE to each.

Join the space for Stack World on snapshot. Connect Your wallet.

Vote YES for the ones you want to take place at the Stack Conference and think will make the biggest impact.

You do not have to vote all and vote only for those who speak to you. 16 of them will be chosen.

Saying yes to all is the same as not voting. Vote on the ones you want in the final 16.

Once the voting closes, the 16 round table topics will be announced and discussed at The Stack World Conference 2022 on October 6th.

Don't forget to reserve your ticket, for Premium Members only here

The Short Stack

We have given the power back to our Members by allowing them to vote for the DAO Proposals to curate The Stack World Conference 2022.

By Bella Cary

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