How This Founder Does Pregnancy Summer Style

We love how Energy Energy Club Founder Chloe Dorlikar embraced her developing bump with these hot looks.

By Louisa Davies

8 August 2022

I thought being pregnant would mean a tricky navigation of the wardrobe, especially as I love jeans and tailored trousers. My wardrobe consists of mainly vintage, street wear and baggy tees so the transition hasn’t been so hard. I haven’t bought one thing this whole time as I’m trying to be as sustainable as possible. The only thing I’ve been shopping is my own wardrobe. It’s amazing how one pair of shorts (the only ones that fit) can look so different with a different top, shoe and bag combo.

I’ve actually enjoyed dressing my body as it’s changed throughout these months, which surprises me now, as I’ve tackled body issues in the past, so was apprehensive about my feelings around this shifting period.

I have to give credit to Rihanna and Veneda Carter, they really did pave the way for what pregnancy style could be and gave me confidence to embrace my ever growing bump and to dress as myself.

The Story MFG cargos have been on repeat. Worn with a Samuaday (student owned brand) knitted top and my favourite quilted bag from Cos.
Baggy linen pants bought from India while doing my yoga teacher training are perfect for these hot London days and expanding belly. Worn with a vintage 90s bikini top from Depop and Teva sandals. Also dug out this old belly tattoo chain from when I was about 14!
This vintage dress from LA actually fits me better now in the boob area! Worn with Hai silk bag and old Zara shoes for a friends wedding.
These baggy cargos from Story MFG have been so good throughout my pregnancy journey. Worn with a Stussy tee and vintage stripe shirt and good old reliable Birkenstocks. Good for when the feet decide they want to swell!
This was my baby shower meal outfit. This vintage backless snake print top makes me feel so good! Worn with vintage Levi’s cutoffs (they were my brother’s) and old Zara heels.
This old Topshop Boutique vest is the best shape. Worn with those same vintage Levi’s shorts, this time with Adidas boxing boots bought from Depop and a mini pleated bag I got from LA.
The Story MFG cargos have been on repeat. Worn with a Samuaday (student owned brand) knitted top and my favourite quilted bag from Cos.
This top which I’m in love with again, I bought when I was around 15! It just about fits my bump. Again worn with these Story MFG cargos. They have been so easy with my growing belly! Added my Prada backpack to balance out my ever changing walking stance!
This dress was custom made for me for another wedding a few years back by my best friend Nikeen (founder of Asar). I wore this to my friends wedding in May, had to try it on for 3 weeks as my belly was really growing then! 

The Short Stack

Maternity Wear is no longer a relevant category. Maintain your style as your bump grows!

By Louisa Davies

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