Big Collar Energy: The Best Statement Shirts For Boardrooms & Beyond

Embrace the new era of power dressing with The Stack’s selection of the best spring shirts

By Isobel Van Dyke

23 March 2021

ow does one channel the art of power dressing in the age of working from home? The concept of a suit-wearing woman is neither new nor groundbreaking but bereft of opportunities to wear a structured blazer or sharply-tailored seperates, a bold collar is the essential wardrobe item to take you from a Zoom board meeting to a Sunday brunch rendezvous.

We’re ready for more than just rounded frills, detachable Peter Pan collars or necklines nostalgic of days in the school playground. As we’ve grown increasingly comfortable in making ourselves look presentable from the waist up, a statement collar is the simplest way to channel our own executive realness. A fresh update on the crisp and perennially classic shirt, a bold collar isn’t purely a sartorial supplement.

Oversized collars have been coveted long before Ossie Clark or Saint Laurent’s, Le Smoking. As early as the 16th century, the type of collar worn has been a signifier of social status. The most obvious example of this is, of course, Queen Elizabeth I - known for sporting ruffs so large that extra-long cutlery was used to eat with. While our edit won't rival those of royalty, we've curated our favourite statement collar spring shirts.

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'We’re ready for more than just rounded frills, detachable Peter Pan collars or necklines nostalgic of days in the school playground'

Exaggerated Balloon-sleeve Cotton-blend Shirt Elzinga, £280

Stripe Cotton-Silk Shirt King & Tuckfield, £255

Chelsea Collar Lace-insert Poplin Shirt Self Portrait, £250

Long Collar Blouse NA-KD, £32.95

Pearlised Shirt Acne Studio, £440

Blue Satin Shirt Zara, £29.99

Seymour Oversized Satin Shirt 16 ARLINGTON, £495

Pink Poplin Shirt Zara, £19.99

Draped Asymmetric Cotton-poplin Shirt Lemaire, £360

The Short Stack

A bold collar blouse is a hard-working wardrobe essential for this new era of power dressing

By Isobel Van Dyke

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