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Myths Around Rape & How to survive a narcissist?

hosted by Talking Circle

About this event

Everyone’s Invited launched in June 2020 to encourage British women to share their experiences of sexual harassment and assault. The platform went viral after more than 13,000 users posted testimonies of their abuse, creating a national anti-rape movement that has shaken the UK education system to its core.

Four-fifths of young women in the UK have been sexually harassed (UN Women UK). Rape prosecutions have dropped every year since 2017. Conviction rates are now down to only 2%.

Join us and Talking Circle London for an intimate session to break down common myths around rape. We’ll share our experiences, reflect on the statistics and talk about how we can capitalise on this moment to generate real structural change.


This event will be led by Talking Circle London, as the second in our monthly series on violence against women and girls.


In this session led by Talking Circle London, an expert speaker will help us to understand the ins and outs of the Domestic Abuse Bill. In this session, we’ll explore the concept of economic abuse and learn how abusers exploit women’s economic inequality. We’ll also understand how economic abuse creates economic dependency, instability and risk.

What to bring

Talking about the sessions on social media? Please use hashtag #SmallActionBigChange.

Myths Around Rape & How to survive a narcissist?

hosted by Talking Circle

Wed, 23 Jun 21

18:00 - 19:00 UTC


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