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The Stack World: Meet Up - London Wall, EC1

hosted by Beautystack

About this event

As lockdown eases we are excited to bring our members together, safely, for face to face meet ups. This evenings event is in a public area, with an incredible setting in one of the oldest parts of London. Barbie Green is an eaterie and cocktail bar with a stunning courtyard surrounded by a mediaeval church, the Barbican high walk and some stunning blossom for your selfies. You can enjoy a cocktail from the bar or just BYOB and picnic on the numerous benches.


This is an informal and unstructured event. Just pop down, say hi and connect with the Stack World crew.


If you wish to reserve a table, please dial and book ahead directly with the venue on 020 4512 8540. Upon arrival, head to one of The Stack Team and introduce yourself!

What to bring

Wear a warm coat! While it's sunny in the day, the evenings are cold.

The Stack World: Meet Up - London Wall, EC1

hosted by Beautystack

Fri, 14 May 21

18:00 - 21:00 UTC


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