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Life Visioning Women's Circle: Part 2

hosted by Bhellamakeup

About this event

Welcome to Part 2 of this Life Visioning Workshop. During this workshop we will create a 2021 Vision Scratch Book for your life. We will look at different areas of your life defining what you want your life to look like in each one. 2020 has taught many of us to look at life through a different lens. As our plans fell apart, we were encouraged to put our attention on different areas of our lives, gaining new perspectives, rewriting our normal, slowing down and turning inwards. Digital spaces allowed us to stay close, create new communities and new support systems. We would like to start the new year by gathering together, discussing and wondering how we would like this new year to shape for us. Since we cannot plan in the way that we are used to, this could be the time of creating new priories, new benchmarks of success, the ones that are not built for us but by us.


Meena Bhella is a Makeup pro and has been in the game for over 10 years and teaches Makeup at London College of Fashion. She launched The Beauty Down Low, a platform that started primarily for MUA's but for all creatives to come together, to learn, grow and to empower ourselves in our industries. Understanding the importance of growing the next gen of pro's, The Beauty Down Low is to create opportunities for better support structures for all creative pro's.    Say Hi @bhellamakeup / @thebeautydownlow Alex Pawlowska is a founder of Looking for Heroes, a project dedicated to empowering people to be their own heroes, and a poet. After years of running her own platform, working as a strategist and investing in her own personal growth, Alex will be sharing her approach to discovering and setting goals that really matter to you and creating a vision that really lights you up.   Find her at @lookingforheroes / @alexpawlowska


How would life look if you were prioritising your happiness?  If being in your power was the intention for your life?  If you did more of what works for you and less of what doesn’t? Join us for a VISION 2021 Workshop. A space where we will discover and map your vision for the upcoming year. Here we will asks questions like: How do I want to feel? What do I want to do more of? What currently doesn’t work in my life? And what does? A space where we will bring our wants and needs to the light with honesty   With our support we will guide you in this 4-part Life Visioning workshop. We will walk you through a series of exercises to help you to take action.   OVERVIEW   Week 1 - VISION 2021 (09.01.) - CONGRATULATIONS ON COMPLETING THIS WEEK. YOU DID IT!   What’s coming next...   Week 2 - 2021 Vision Mood Board creation (16.01.) Together we will create a mood board bringing to life your vision for the upcoming year.  Week 3 - Affirmations and my personal mantra for 2021 (23.01.) We will create your personal affirmations and a mantra to support you in the next year. Week 4 - Closing and accountability call (30.01.) Bring a glass to celebrate all the work you have done! A space for sharing, conversation and celebration.

What to bring

A scrapbook, pen, images / or a magazine that you can tear up. You also have the option to do this digitally and source images from Google. We will send you a digital notebook to work on if you wish to use that (this will be sent before the event) or you can draw your ideas. Use whatever you have available to you. Create a space where you will be undisturbed for the duration of the workshop (inform everyone in your household. Lock your dog away, hide your partner / your parents / your flat-mates lol ;)) Make the space comfortable Candles, flowers, essential oils - anything that makes you feel spoiled Dress up because FINALLY you have somewhere to be ;) Print out the workbook (this will be sent before the day) and have your notebook close for any additional notes you want to take Put on some music that vibes with you A glass or a mug, whatever your remedy is  The best version of yourself, because it is already here!

Life Visioning Women's Circle: Part 2

hosted by Bhellamakeup

Sat, 16 Jan 21

14:00 - 16:15 UTC


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