Selfridges SUPERSELF - Yoga with Love Supreme Projects

SUPERSELF at Selfridges
Hosted By Rhea Cartwright

Thu 3 Mar 2218:00 - 19:00 UTC

London, W1A 1AB


Attendees (12)

In this complimentary session, we are excited to be joined by Durga Devi. Durga is the name given to Denise Teperino by her beloved teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life, is a former dancer and competitive gymnast who grew up in New York City. After high school, she studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and hung out in Manhattan’s East Village soaking up the downtown music and art scene. She was introduced to Jivamukti yoga in 1994 by close friends. Asana practice felt very natural to her, but it was the chanting, the philosophy and the ancient and holy teachings of yoga that really hit home. She is Advanced Certified in the Jivamukti method and taught at the Lafayette street New York Centre for over three years before moving to London to assist with opening Jivamukti Yoga London centre in early 2005. "When Durga came to London to help open jivamukti Yoga London, I was one of the first people in the studio and was hooked from day one. The elements of the Yoga practice that I didn't like in the beginning, the chanting, the meditation, the stillness, are the things today that I have grown to love. Durga embodies everything I believe Yoga is about. She lives it; she is the real deal. Through her continued presence in my life as my Yoga teacher and my friend I have accessed and opened up elements of my own personality that I never dreamt I would have the bravery to reveal." Josh Wood ”Durga Devi is absolutely incredible. Amazing combination of spiritual practice, exercise, stretching, music, interaction and knowledge sharing.” Kieran B “Durga's Kirtan workshop on Friday night was amazing. Over the years I have done Kirtan in many places in Europe and Durga has a powerful voice and soul like no other.” Bonny M Join us in the Feelgood Studio on the 4th Floor for a one-hour session with Durga. Yoga mats will be provided by Selfridges on the day. Please arrive at 5.45pm to get set up! ----- Feelgoodness is a much broader concept for us than just Wellness, which will encompass a multitude of different themes across a number of categories. Customers will see and interact with innovation, fun, engaging and exclusive experiences. The 'Feel Good-ness Studio' will takeover the lounge on the 4th floor and be programmed across a 5 week period, every Wednesday and Thursday from 2-31 March we will offer a range of experiences from workout classes for the body and face, art classes, meditation/ sound bath workshops to inconversations with industry experts. For full list of events :