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Access to Healthcare

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Fri 22 Oct 2114:15 - 22:15 UTC


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About Event Medical misogyny is killing women. Chronic pains, inefficient birthing plans, and womb health is regularly ignored, misdiagnosed or disregarded; the implications upon women's lives are devastating. It is time to educate the healthcare system and to arm women with new language that does not allow their suffering to go unnoticed. About Host Michelle Kennedy launched Peanut in 2017 to solve a need she'd experienced as a new mom: isolation. When Michelle had her first child, she struggled to meet like-minded women and found herself trawling out-dated blogs for advice in the early hours. For Michelle, Peanut is about recognizing a pain point millions of women encounter and providing access to community when they need it most. Her mission is to reduce feelings of isolation and empower women to connect, all over the world. Agenda Round Table event. What To Bring READ_Unwell Women by Elinor Cleghorn. READ_Doing Harm by Maya Dunsebery. READ_ Sex Matters by Alyson J.Mcgregor. READ_Politics of Women’s Health by Susan Sherwin. LISTEN_From Hysteria To Wandering Wombs: Women and Medicine in History by the History Extra Podcast featuring Elinor Cleghorn Author of Unwell Women LISTEN_Misdiagnosed in a Man-Made World by Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan. LISTEN_Is Medicine Sexist? By The Times Story of Our Times hosted by Manveen Rana. LISTEN_Dr. Dioreann’s Podcast. ARTICLE_When Doctors Downplay Women’s Health Concerns - The New York Times ARTICLE_Memoirs of Disease and Disbelief - The New Yorker Audio options available.