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Access to Autonomy

hosted by Thestack

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From fertility and contraceptive use around the world being associated with socioeconomic status to the need for flexible working requirements that allow women to work around childcare, women's access to their autonomy has been systematically dictated by men. The ability for women to make decisions that directly impact their lives and the lives of the immediate people around them is an essential aspect of personal empowerment, we must ensure to at all times advocate for women's choice and magnify what women need and want through our conversations.


Claire Barnett is an experienced business leader, speaker and campaigner currently leading UN Women UK as Executive Director. Claire is passionate about human rights, empathy and delivering outstanding results for organisations.Endlessly curious she is always looking for new recommendations of things and ways to learn.


This panel will be held over diner at 7:30, featuring Claire Barnett.


Access to Autonomy

hosted by Thestack

Fri, 22 Oct 2118:30 - 02:30 UTC

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