Women X Climate Club

Hosted by Charlotte Horler

Learn from industry experts Connect with sustainability professionals Make sustainability part of your culture We’re here to show that sustainability doesn’t have to be boring or overwhelming. It’s creative, collaborative and an essential part of company culture. We just need more people like you involved in the conversation. Our community is a safe space where constant learning and questioning is encouraged. This club is for anyone who: 📝 Wants to learn more about sustainability 🍃 Works in sustainability (it can be your job role or working for a sustainable company) 🎓 Is looking for a job in impact 🎭 Wants to celebrate climate and culture, and fall in love with the creativity of the solutions What you get: 🍷Informal meet-ups and networking events. Think exhibitions, wine tasting and potentially a zero waste dinner. ✏️ Online workshops to expand your sustainability knowledge from leading experts Can’t wait to have you join us and make climate culture the norm 🧡

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