Women of Web3

Hosted by Lauren Ingram

NFTs, crypto, metaverse - curious to understand these terms better? Women of Web3 is a community connecting women in the next iteration of the internet. If you're already trading NFTs and crypto, looking for a job in the metaverse, or just tipping your toes in the web3 waters, Women of Web3 will help break down the jargon, showcase the incredible opportunities in this space and connect you with like minded women. Want to do some homework? The Women of Web3 Podcast features a different woman each episode, and is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Subscribe now to be notified about every episode! Out every Thursday. Jobs Board: You can now browse our Jobs Board to find your next role in web3 🙌 womenofweb3.pallet.com/jobs Anyone is welcome to share articles, tweets, learnings and questions - there is no such thing as a stupid question in such a new area! Twitter @womenofweb3co www.womenofweb3.co

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