The Notion Bar

Hosted by Frances Odera Matthews

Move over Evernote/Trello/Google Docs etc - the cool kids are using Notion now. Notion is the cult tool on everyone’s lips. Unlike most tools, Notion is a blank canvas that grows with you. You might be using Notion to manage your biz, personal life or crush your multi-hyphenate goals Led by Frances, resident 'Notion artíste' and one of the first Certified Notion Consultants. The club is a network, where you and other go-getters will share questions and ideas of how you’re unlocking Notion's potential to become your 'dream tool' - even as a digital product builder! ✨ Warning✨ : May come with a side of tool-envy from your friends. The Backstory Frances Odera Matthews is the Founder of The Notion Bar, a Certified Notion Consultant and seasoned design-thinker/ops specialist across many industries. The Notion Bar was born to fuse a love of Notion, diverse audiences, pop-culture, design and productivity by creating beautiful digital experiences & projects that redefine what Notion should look like, feel like and be.

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