The 20 Minute Meditation Club

Hosted by Nora Logan

This club is for people who are time-poor (as the name suggests 😂), meditation curious and would like to learn more, build a practice and create community. If you’ve ever felt like meditation was too hard, too boring, too long, and too intense, this is the club for you. We aim to provide short, manageable practices that help you find routine. We believe that actually, you *don’t* have to sit completely still in meditation, that meditating for a few minutes a day DOES add up and that building a meditation habit IS possible (even if you’re a busy working mum or running a start up). And contrary to what you may think (thoughts about low ROI?) there is always value in spending some time in meditation each and every day. This club is for you if you: 🌱Want to create a consistent home practice 🌱Want to learn that you don’t have to sit still to meditate 🌱 Feel like meditation doesn’t work 🌱 Need help being kept accountable 🌱 Want to better equipped to show up for your life 🌱 Want to learn how to down-regulate your nervous system 🌱 Want to deal with overwhelm, stress, anxiety 😥 🌱 Think you need to have the perfect conditions to be a ‘real’ meditator 🌱 Have kids pulling at you when you sit down to meditate 🌱 Do it all with humour and not take yourself too seriously **Level:** total beginner to experienced meditator **What you get:** ✨Monthly live class ✨Weekly newsletter from me ✨Weekly live 20 minute meditation class ✨Access to short recorded meditation recordings

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