New Methods

Hosted by Sharmadean Reid

10 Weeks to Transform Your Life! A New Method for a Career Rebirth Starting October 16th 2023 JOIN NOW for less than £1/Week! —— Are in a slump? Do you feel like you’re headed down the wrong path and are no longer enjoying your work, and your life? Do you have some strong career decisions to make but don’t know what to do? Then join me, Sharmadean Reid MBE for a new 10 Week Program, "New Methods Season 2,” where we embark on a profound personal growth journey, exploring the depths of our desires. If you're seeking answers to deeper questions or wish to gain a clearer understanding of your next move, this is the place to be. Here, an inspiring community of women will come together to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another. In this safe and compassionate space, we'll explore the nuances of these essential topics, encouraging each other to grow, heal, and thrive. To access this course, become a Paid Subscriber for less than £1/week - WEEK 1 - Mon 16th Oct - Was It All Worth it? Reviewing Your Career Comedown WEEK 2 - Mon 23rd Oct - Remembering What You Loved As A Child. Finding Your Flow WEEK 3 - Mon 30th Oct - Permission To Be You - Exploring Human Design WEEK 4 - Mon 6th Nov - Societal Standards and How They Are Holding You Back WEEK 5 - Mon 13th Nov - Making a Commitment To Transforming Your Life WEEK 6 - Mon 20th Nov - Creating Your Season 2 Roadmap. Developing Your Expertise. WEEK 7 - Mon 27th Nov - What Do I Do Next? Exploration Tasks For Your New Life WEEK 8 - Mon 4th Dec - What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There. Making Drastic Changes In Your Life. WEEK 9 - Mon 11th Dec - Creating Your New Narrative. The Story Of Your Next Act. WEEK 10 - Sunday 17th Dec - Finale Reflections - Are You Ready For Your Season 2? View what past attendees are saying here: —— Why Season 2? I wrote my book, New Methods for Women because at 28 years old, I seem to have everything I wanted. A cool business, an influencer lifestyle, and a decent income, but at times, I was devastatingly unhappy. I was holding on to so much pain and trauma as well as huge frustration about the inequalities of the world that it was stopping me from progressing further in my life. It was then I decided I needed to change things - to try a New Methods if you will - and so I started experimenting. This book is the result of those experiments and the principles I created to ensure that I owned my power and stayed true to my Higher Self. From spiritual healers to rational logic, I tried everything to pull myself out of my existential crisis. It took me ten years, but now, I feel I have the first set of tools to win. Not every day is rainbows and sunshines, but I at least now have the knowledge of how to get back to equilibrium. New Methods Season 2 is the next phase. At 39, I am now preparing for the second chapter of my life and rethinking EVERYTHING. Join me as I figure it out. What was it that I really wanted all along? Who was I actually working for? And is chasing the money really the root of all happiness? Join the New Methods Club and let’s find out. —— Agenda 645pm - Zoom Room Opens 700pm - Welcome, Intros and Stack Updates 710pm - The Weekly New Method 7.40pm - Discussion Breakout Rooms I usually keep the rooms open as long as you like, so Members can continue chatting. All events are recorded for Paid Subscribers to access anytime in the On Demand Library —— Pre Order my New Methods Book here coming June 2024! Spotify Playlist:

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