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Group Leadership Coaching by Anna Woods

Hosted by Anna Woods
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If you’re interested in understanding how leadership and the way you lead starts with you, right here right now, then come on in… There’s no magic path to leadership and success; it comes from knowing who you are and what you want, then working smart to get it. Hello, I’m Anna and I’m on a mission to help those who dare to delve deeper into both themselves, and the way they operate, become courageous leaders. Courage, confidence and compassion are at the heart of what I do and I believe it’s only from this space that we create positive change and release our true impact in the world. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE FEMALE LEADERS. This club is for leaders who want powerful knowledge created in a unique, rich and fun shared learning environment. You will leave with a sense of freedom to express your voice and confidence to fearlessly pursue your ambitions. What to expect…….. Expect to learn through shared personal and professional experiences (I will certainly be bringing all mine) public knowledge (the research, data, opinion pieces and monthly readings), and the co-creation of a community of leaders who are ready to rise. What you get…. A monthly training on leadership and how to lead yourself and others in 2022, and beyond. Reading materials, practical skills and most importantly an opportunity to be an alumnus of a group of kick ass female leaders. 90 minute workshops; 1. What is Leadership, Where are We and Where are Where do we want to go 2. Leading with Authenticity 3. Self Leadership – Routes into Leading ourselves 4. Clarifying your Values and How These Show up in the Way you Lead 5. Leading with Vision & Impact 6. Leading under Pressure- Skilful Responses and techniques 7. Crafting and Leading assertive conversations 8. Leading through Change 9. Organisational Culture- How to Shape and Lead it 10. Developing your Personal Leadership Brand and Presence 11. Leadership and our Ambition 12. End of Year Group Leadership Review

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