Founders Dining Club

Hosted by Olivia and Sharmadean

Wining and dining at the best restaurants with fellow Stack World Founder community. If you’re a solo founder, co-founder, freelancer, side hu$tler or intra-peneur, please join us. How it works: events will be posted to members to sign up to in the events tab & then a Monzo link will be sent to purchase your ticket & reserve your spot. Each dinner will be themed around a discussion topic which you can chat about with your fellow founders to break the ice 🧊 once you’re all warmed up (with a little help from our signature unlimited Prosecco) then feel free to discuss life/ whatever you like. This is your chance to decompress and relax without the need to pitch to like-minded founders who get that the founder road may not be as glamorous as social media can make it look. Follow us on IG: @foundersdiningclub Wanna Work with us? Email:

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