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F*ck Being Humble

Hosted by Stefanie Sword-Williams
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F*ck Being Humble is on a mission to change the way the world views self-promotion. We want to help you recgonise your strengths, celebrate your successes and share how good you are with the world. Becoming a member of this club will give you access to: - 1 x monthly interactive workshop covering topics that will help to transform your career, reputation and your approach to selling yourself effectively. Expect actionable advice, real life examples of how to implement the practices, support and reassurance from Stef. - 1 x monthly 'Clap For Yourself' accountability session to reflect on your wins and progress you're making each month, Stef will guide you through questions and prompts that will help you to identify the things you are proud of and create a space to celebrate everything you're doing. - Insider tips, learnings and insights that can support your self-promotion journey - Opportunity to network with like-minded people and gain support from the members within the group - Early access to courses, events and any F*ck Being Humble products

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