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Emotional Toolkit Club

Hosted by Gemma Perlin

🎢Do you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster daily? 🛠The Emotional Toolkit is here to give you the tools to stabilise it. This is the emotional parachute you’ve been looking for…🪂 😶‍🌫️The experience of being a human can feel like being on a rollercoaster, so learning to operate that machinery is the difference that can really make a difference to your life. 🧠Your mind needs to be taught ‘how’ to think. We aren’t taught how to think at school. We don’t know the difference between a thought and a feeling. A thought is not a fact even though people in your life may have made you feel that way. We often don’t realise we can think differently about a situation. But it is never too late. My job is to help people change their behaviour and the way they think. The best way to create change in all areas in your life is using NLP. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides tools for change and the methodology to boost professional and personal performance to the levels of success and freedom you want. These monthly self developments workshops are around areas that through my one to one coaching practise, have been the main challenges for my clients. You need a regular space to create the results and the shift you are looking for. Each session will be a space for you to see what’s actually going on for you right now, away from the noise of work and pressures from what you should say. Here I’ll make you sure you are accountable for the vision of success you have yourself. Some of the areas we are going to equip you to tackle: ---------- 1. Meet your imposter and find out why they stick around 2. How to Manage your Social Anxiety 3. Assert yourself + Disarm the bullies at work 4. Why you really procrastinate and how you can maximise your productivity 5. How to be a brilliant communicator As part of your membership every month you will: • Monthly Zoom with opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals • Interactive apply these powerful tools ‘live’ in training • Rare low cost opportunity to experience what coaching is like

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