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Like a book club, but for the internet! Whether you're a seasoned scroller or extremely offline, come together to discuss the latest news, trends and memes blowing up yo newsfeed. Themed discussion followed by informal group chat. 💬🏆 Purchase my book here - Traditional media is over. The internet reigns. And in the attention economy, influencers are royalty. But who are they … and how do you become one? Break the Internet takes a deep dive into the influencer industry, tracing its evolution from blogging and legacy social media such as Tumblr to today’s world in which YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok dominate. Surveying the new media landscape that the rise of online celebrity has created, it is an insider account of a trend which is set to dominate our future ― experts estimate that the economy of influence will be valued at $24bn globally by 2025. Olivia Yallop enrols in an influencer bootcamp, goes undercover at a fan meetup, and shadows online vloggers, Instagrammers, and content creators to understand how online personas are built, uncovering what it is really like to live a branded life and trade in a ‘social stock market’. From mumfluencers and activists to governments and investors, everyone wants to build their online influence. But how do you stay authentic in a system designed to commodify identity? Break the Internet examines both the dangers and the transformative potential of online culture. Review ‘Olivia Yallop has written the definitive insider account of influencer culture. Break the Internet is erudite, smart, entertaining, and essential.’ – Will Storr, author of Selfie ‘There was lots in it that I didn’t know ... The analysis I really enjoyed was about how we can’t hold back technology, and everything from printing presses to moving trains has freaked the hell out of people, but how fragile and open to misuse influencer follower count values really are.’ – Alexandra Heminsley About the Author Olivia Yallop is a digital strategist and commentator on technology and pop culture. She has a degree from the University of Oxford and lives in London.

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