The Accountability Club with Dior Bediako

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Hosted by Dior Bediako

Fear-free goal action all 2022! “Get ready for the support, inspiration and structure to meet your career goals one day at a time, week by week.” Hi, I’m Dior! I help creative professionals achieve their immediate goals while building sustainable self-growth systems to become their future-self. Throughout the group we will meet virtually to connect and accelerate your results with member-only perks. I'll take the time to listen to you, understand your goals and offer constructive feedback and sources of inspiration to keep you rising. Accountability WORKS because it acts as a frame for the goal-getter and the goal and YOU are an essential part of each member's picture. Our members have a responsibility to each other - to uplift and hold one another accountable within a positive social-pressure environment. As part of your membership, every month you will: - Be cocooned within a group of like-minded creatives (Everyone is creative btw!) - Each month will differ from the next, with a new theme based on personal and professional development - Enjoy your new structure through the specially curated 3-2-1 discipline and productivity tracker - Feel peak inspiration with a monthly ‘Masterkey Morning’ affirmation workshop (A community favourite!) - A mid-month ‘Member Moment’ event with breakout rooms and member spotlights to overcome specific challenges - A weekly expert-approved idea, model, thought or philosophy to elevate your work-rate and mindset About Dior Dior is a dynamic event host, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator working across the creative industries, having worked with iconic names and brands in fashion, beauty and beyond. Dior merges these specialisms with her passion for helping others with their personal growth goals; truly and deeply believing that everyone has infinite potential and a world of possibilities within them.

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